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Friday, January 20, 2017

Euro Millions : Le Jeu En Ligne!

Today, the web offers many opportunities to have fun in a simple and easy way. Lottery games are among the most advantageous product of the Entertainment industry and what matters most is that they are easily accessible through the internet.

How To Approach The Euro Millions Lottery

The European continent is the region of the world that has more lottery games. This is fairly easy to understand: the "old continent" encompasses a large number of countries, each with their lottery games.

The Euro Millions lottery game is now fully available to all lottery players around the world: here is one of the biggest advantages of playing Euro Millions online!

To play the Euro Millions lottery the players can buy the tickets directly on the EuroMillions-Lottery online platform in a simple and immediate way. All that players must do to access the Euro Millions tickets is to register their account and choose the preferred method of payment among all the methods accepted by Euro Millions Lottery. Finally, just decide how many tickets to buy and you are ready to participate in the Euro Millions lottery game!

A little history

Players who today can play the Euro Millions lottery game have at their disposal an ample number of game options, services and other resources and upgrades that are always unavoidable to play in an excellent way.

The Euro Millions lottery made its debut in the world of lottery games in 1994, as a new lottery created by la Française Des Jeux. The main feature of the Euro Millions game is that it is a completely European lottery, with the participation of several countries (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland). The idea was to implement a pan-European lottery game in the manner of American lotteries, whose success had also reached Europe.

The first draw of Euro Millions took place on Friday 13 February 2004.

Enormous Euro Millions Lottery Jackpots

The Euro Millions lottery is generally popular thanks to its huge jackpots. During the first year, this lottery game was able to reach a level of worldwide success unparalleled in the history of lottery games. For just one year of life, this lottery has given gamblers more happy high-level jackpots, as the biggest jackpot in the history of Euro Millions that was won in July 2005: € 100,000,000.

This huge jackpot was immediately followed by another jackpot worth € 115,436,126, won by an Irish player in the same month of July 2005.

The Euro Millions Super Draw

If you think these jackpot winnings are something just excellent, then get ready for the rest! In fact, the beautiful surprises are not over, because in the month of February 2007 the game Euro Millions marked the history of the game with the first Super Draw.

Super Draws are special draws, made with the participation of sums of extra money added to the basic jackpot. As a result, the Super Draw allows players to win jackpots richer than ever, often increased by well € 100,000,000 each time.

In the Euro Millions lottery there is also the possibility to take advantage of new game options, such as the Euro Millions Plus option in the Irish variant of the game: this is a second draw for a jackpot worth € 500,000, to which players can participate with the 5 basic numbers played on the Euro Millions ticket. This translates into much more opportunities to win a lottery prize.